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GSL (GF-200/GX-200)

GSL Series seals are non-contacting gas seals for dry running vapor containment and full pressure wet backup sealing in light hydrocarbons, crude oil, and hazardous services. GSL seals use wave pattern technology to eliminate wear and are fully compliant with API 682 Type A, Arrangement 2 requirements.

The GX-200 is a dual pressurized gas barrier metal bellows seal utilizing APGS non-contacting seal face technology. Welded metal bellows eliminate dynamic O-ring hang-up in a compact cartridge that fits ANSI and DIN standard bore seal chamber pumps. Inert barrier gas eliminates process contamination, reduces power consumption and provides zero process emissions in hazardous services.

GF-200 dual seals are non-contacting, gas barrier seals used in applications where no emissions of hazardous pumped products can be tolerated. Advanced Pattern Groove System provides low speed lift-off, low gas leakage and no face contact.

GSL (GF-200/GX-200)
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