Congratulation! new type of API 610 OH2 series are successfully installed in Indonesia, etc
TJ Series

The USA advanced ultra high pressure technology,
Compact structure, small volume,
Light weight, high efficiency,
It is convenient for the maintenance and operation, low noise.

Applicable to ultra high pressure water jet cleaning, metal cutting,

The ship paint removing rust, powder metallurgy and chemical plant,
Sugar factory, power plant condenser,

Heat exchanger, an evaporation tank, boiler, all kinds of pot kettle descaling.

Suitable for cleaning industry, powder metallurgy, petroleum,
The test bed applications which require a high pressure water jet,

Can transport water, emulsion etc..

The American advanced technology, high pressure,
High flow. Low pump speed,
The power end with forced lubrication,

Stable and reliable transmission, convenient maintenance and operation.

the application of our products two:

1, the pressure test pump, pressure test unit:
Product features: 1) is the flow of large adjustable range, high efficiency, stable operation, stable performance, good operation performance, test pressure can be adjusted, with automatic pressure maintaining function.
2) type: driving mobile, fixed, manual, electric, diesel or gasoline engine.
3) parameters: pressure flow optional range, accept non-standard customization.
4) use: for all kinds of pressure vessels, boilers, piping, valves, rubber fittings, machine parts, pressure test, strength test, sealing test and blasting experiment, can also be used for leakage detection and high pressure medium perfusion.
The industry application:
Valve industry: the production process on the valve pressure test equipment.
Oil industry: complete sets of pressure test equipment, the main equipment, solid control equipment, downhole tools, such as complete sets of pressure testing and monitoring and control in oil wells, and can satisfy the wellhead, BOP, manifold, cocks, valves, solids control equipment, tubing, casing and other production or construction site in a variety of work environment process under the high pressure detecting and recording monitoring work.
Rubber industry: high pressure hose soft core online and core, pressure test equipment, suitable for rubber industry braided tube, pipe and other soft core online stripping pressure test, hard core online pressure test, pressure test, blasting hose assembly, pulse test.
Pipeline pressure test: covers all kinds of vessels, ship fittings, pipeline pressure test of boiler, heat exchanger tubes, pressure vessel pressure test pressure test, all kinds of petroleum oil, construction, the construction of the pipeline company,
Natural gas pipeline integral pressure testing.
Pressure vessel, cylinder, cylinder, the military - submarine cabin, with complete system test.

TJ Series
We use USA technology 
Performance Curve:
TYPE 90TJ3 130TJ3 200TJ3 250TJ3 400TJ3 500TJ5
Maximum PowerKW) 90 90 200 267 400 500
Trip(mm) 75 75 120 130 140 100
Weight(kgs) 227 227 680 820 1950 2500
power end form built in deceleration built in deceleration built in deceleration built in deceleration built in deceleration built in deceleration
gear form helical gear helical gear helical gear helical gear helical gear helical gear
velocity  ratio 2.79:1 2.79:1 4.04:1 4.62:1 3.5:1 4.62:1 4.09:1 3.52:1 3.5:1
lubrication oil(l) 4 4 13 16 36 40
lubrication oil type SAE 80W-90 SAE 80W-90 SAE 80W-90 SAE 80W-90 SAE 80W-90 SAE 80W-90
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