Congratulation! new type of API 610 OH2 series are successfully installed in Indonesia, etc
OJ series selfpriming pump


Upon starting the pump, pressure drop occurs at the eye of the impeller which will give rise to pressure differences within the pump system (pump casing & suction pipe) and outside the pump system. As the pressure continues to drop in the pump system, a mixture of liquid and air will start to flow into the pump due to higher atmospheric pressure outside the pump system.

The mixture of liquid and air will flow through the casing chamber designed like a diffuser through the inlet

and then to the discharge port. At the discharge port, air being lighter will be extricated through the discharge piping. The liquid being heavier will fall back into the pump chamber and re-mix with the inlet liquid. This process is repeated till air in the suction pipe and pump casing is fully emptied and filled with liquid. At this point, the pump will then be fully primed and achieve the self-priming effect.

Pumped Liquid:

Different Clean and dirty liquids of neutral or Alkali at viscosity up to 50mm2/s (cSt).

Shaft Seal:

Mechanical Seal---Sic-Sic/Vinton.

Flange Attached:

Screw Flange for size ≤4”

NonStandard Flange for size>4”

Technical Data:                Application: 1. Industry

Flow: 4-480m3/h                                      2. Civil Enginnering

Head:4-400m                                            3. Marine Duty

Speed: 1450rpm/2900rpm(50Hz)                 4. Sewage

      1750rpm/3500rpm(60Hz)                     5. Water Treatment

Temperature: -10℃---80℃                           6. Agriculture.

Operating Pressure:  6Bar. 

OJ series selfpriming pump
our pumps are 100% same as original pump 
Performance Curve:
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