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HD(RO) pump

Reverse Osmosis desalination multistage centrifugal pump is just high pressure pump which is HD(RO) type used in desalination, 

In desalination units, the temperature has changed during the year and the pump outlet pressure has changed from 4.5Mpa to 6.0Mpa. The device use VFD control technology, therefore it can save 900,000kwh a year. It uses a small margin motor for configuration in order to improve the efficiency of pumpset. The DN150 size of multistage pumps is coupled with 550kw. The performance comply with KSB multitec pumps. 

The bigger shaft, short cantilever, double spiral constructure, and the radial force is balanced to improve the reliability of the pumps. The efficiency of pump is up to 80%. The sliding bearing of multistage pumps adopt the German West Gerry Isostatic pressing molding material, of which The shore hardness is up to 70, and high strength, good abrasion resistance, and the isotonicity is good. The water lubricated bearing make simple the structure of the pump and lower down the cost of the pump. The span life for the pump is 20 years, and the service time for bearing and mechanical seal is 10,000 hours.


  The design of RO high pressure pump is optimized for every spare part. The sliding bearing with self lubrication by medium is conductive to the formation of the short bearing spreading.and no oil/grease lubrication for the bearing ensure the purity of sea water. It needs only one mechanical seal, therefore it reduces cost and inventory of the spare parts.

RO high pressure pump running smoothly, and in other words, the long life of each components will reduce maintenance cost to minimum, with new development of various corrosive-resistant material, RO pressure pumps has been designed as special durable pumps.


The high pressure pump is used in RO desalination is a new type  large scale corrosion-resistant multistage pumps. Its design of structure need to meet the API 610 std and pressure rating of the pressure case of pump is 600 lbs. It is a multistage pumps with the structure of radially split, axial suction and radial discharge, and the use of sliding bearing makes the structure simple and volume and the weight has been reduced.

Our company RO high pressure pump is new multistage high pressure pump, the efficiency of the first stage impeller has increased about 4% because of non-clog suction compared with the go-through shaft construction, To use the advanced turbine impeller 3D flow calculation program of NREC company. To make analysis on velocity and pressure distribution of the fluid by fluid analysis software.

1)    The structure is simple, only wet parts no external support structure.

2)    Only one mechanical seal, the operation reliability has been greatly.

3)    Axial dimension is smaller, and its length is about 2/3 of the length of traditional structure. In this case the same rigidity, it can reduce the shaft diameter. In the precondition of the equivalent diameter of the impeller entrance, in order to improve the efficiency, the diameter of the impeller entrance and the impeller ring size can be smaller. 

HD(RO) pump
We also use sliding bearing same as the famous brand 
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