Congratulation! new type of API 610 OH2 series are successfully installed in Indonesia, etc
The KS-SE2 range of pumps is categories as back pull-out end suction solid handling pump. 
Concentric casing with tangential discharge nozzle design. The impeller and casing is equal at all points. This will reduce turbulance, cavitation and casing life is greately extended especially in abrasive service. 
Non-clogging semi-open vane impeller, ideal for handling liquids containing suspended matter or solids. The impeller also consists of multi back vanes to reduce the concentration of solids and also lower the pressure on the sealing chamber area. Closed impeller, fully-open impeller and torque flow impeller also available on request. 
Application: End Suction Solid Handling Centrifugal Pumps
Construction: Back pull-out, end suction, single stage stainless steel centrifugal pump
100% interchangable with original pumps 
Performance Curve:
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