Congratulation! new type of API 610 OH2 series are successfully installed in Indonesia, etc


Horizontal, single stage, and End suction centrifugal pulp pump. .

Pump are process designed, large passage, non clog, and Robust designed for high efficiency.

Maintenance is easy, the impeller, shaft and other rotating parts can be removalbe with no need to disconnect the suction and delivery pipes. Only five types of shaft seal and bearing housing need to be used for all the models.So the broken parts can be easy to be interchanged. Spacer coupling is used to avoid the movement of driver or pump casing when the pump is on maintenance.

Pumped Liguid:

Suitable for conveying various mediums; water, sewage, sludge, liquid coal, sugar juice, white water&pulps.

Normally consistency<6%, Temperature<120.

Shaft Seal:

1.       Gland Packing; lantern Ring is used for water sealing and lubrication of packing.

2.       Mechnical Seal: single mechnical seal, Tandem mechanical seal, double mechanical seal, dynamic mechanical seal 

Technical Data:                                
Flow: up to 3400m3/h                                                
Head: up to 100m                                                   
Speed: 1450rpm/2900rpm (50Hz)                                       
1750rpm/3500rpm (60Hz)                                             
Temperature: -10℃--120℃                                           
Operating Pressure: 16Bar. 

 our S series pump is close to original pumps 
Performance Curve:

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