Congratulation! new type of API 610 OH2 series are successfully installed in Indonesia, etc
APP Pumps
Detailed Information:

Main benefits

  • Long and trusted experience in all industrial segments
  • Excellent performance
  • Exceeds standard requirements of international ISO 5199 and ISO 2858 standards
  • Suitable for the most demanding industrial applications
  • Unique, patented and superior design features minimize life cycle costs
  • Quick and easy installation, safe operation, easy maintenance and service

Main applications

  • Clean and lightly contaminated liquids
  • Viscous liquids
  • Fibrous slurries
  • Large solids containing liquids
  • Gas containing liquids and self-priming applications

Main design features

  • Versatile, reliable, high-efficiency hydraulics and material options
  • Innovative shaft sealing solutions for reliable operation and reduced costs
  • Innovative and reliable degassing and self-priming units
  • Reliable, simplified and heavy-duty bearing unit with a variety of different lubrication options
  • Modular design minimize the spare part inventory cost
APP Pumps
100% interchangable with original pumps 

Performance Curve:

Model Size
APP11-32 APP11-40 APP11-50 APP21-65 APP21-80 APP22-32
APP22-40 APP22-50 APP22-65 APP22-80 APP23-40 APP23-50
APP31-100 APP31-125 APP31-150 APP32-65 APP32-80 APP32-100
APP32-125 APP33-100 APP33-125 APP41-200 APP41-300 APP42-150
APP42-200 APP43-250 APP43-300 APP44-150 APP44-200 APP51-250
APP51-300 APP52-350 APP52-400 APP53-100 APP53-150 APP53-200
APP53-250 APP53-300 APP54-400 APP54-500 APP55-100 APP55-200
APP55-250 APP55-300 APP61-500 APP61-600 APP62-400

Model Size
NPP21-50 NPP21-80 NPP22-50 NPP22-80 NPP31-100 NPP32-80
NPP32-100 NPP33-80 NPP33-100 NPP42-150 NPP42-200 NPP44-150
NPP44-200 NPP53-250        


Model Size
WPP22-32 WPP22-50 WPP23-50 WPP32-80 WPP32-100 WPP32-125
WPP33-100 WPP44-150 WPP44-200 WPP53-100 WPP53-150 WPP53-200
WPP53-250 WPP54-400 WPP55-300 WPP61-600    


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