Congratulation! new type of API 610 OH2 series are successfully installed in Indonesia, etc

Instruction SVT is vertical, multistage, sing le suction , centrifugal pump. It is used to pump the medium flammable, explosive, volatile, poisonous, high tempera- ture, such as methane, ethane propane, ethylene, propylene, as well as other liquefied gas and light hydrocarbon. Designing according to API610 standard .


          @ Flow Q: up to 800m³/h

          @ Head H: up to 800m

          @ Pressure P: up to 10.0MPa

          @ Temperature T:-180——+180℃


          @ Petrochemical industry

          @ Refinery

          @ Power plant

          @ Low-temperature engineering  

          @ Pipeline Pressured

          @ Off-shore oil extraction platform

● Features SVT is vertical cartridge multistage centrifugal pump, the integrated structure is designed according to API610. It is highly reliable and well interchanged. The first-stage impeller which is suction impeller locates at the lowest end of pump. Which can satisfy the critical requirements of NPSH by equipment. The balance device is installed in the middle of pump, 95%of the axial force is balanced by balance device which also effects as center support. A diagonal contacting ball bearing can balance the residua l axial force. The bearing is lubricated by oil and equipped with independent internal circulation, self- lubrication system and oil level control system .

● The bearing operated on a good condition so that its lifetime is long. The length of the case outside and the assembly depth of pump are decided by the requirement of NPSH by equipment. When the pump assembly depth is up to certain degree, option the middle supporting constructure.

●  More than 10 kinds of material available, including 20g , 16Mn, 304 , 304L , 316 , 316L, 904, 904 , CD4MCu etc. The seal type is available for single and double-end and tandem mechanical seal. It cal also be equipped with cooling, flushing , heating and seal liquid circulation system .

● The pump rotates CCW viewing from the driving end.


Performance Curve:
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