Congratulation! new type of API 610 OH2 series are successfully installed in Indonesia, etc
The company has four pump testing stations. One standard pump testing station; one special pump testing station; one pump testing station with power up to 4,500 kW and one cryogenic pump testing station.
1. Standard pump testing stations: With one closed test loop, five testing positions for horizontal pumps and one testing position for vertical pumps.
Power up to 250 kW and capacity up to3, 000 m3/h.
2. Special pump testing station: With two closed test loops, eight testing positions for horizontal pumps, five testing positions for vertical pumps and one testing position for Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbines
Power up to 3,000 kW and capacity up to 30,000 m3/h. 
3. Testing station with power up to 4,500 kW.
It can heat the testing liquids to 240 degrees centigrade; the Thermal Shock Test can be executed. It also can test the pump with slurry water.
4. Cryogenic pump testing stations: With one closed test loop, one testing position for horizontal and vertical pumps, power up to 500 kW, apply liquid nitrogen as testing liquid, lowest temperature can be -198 ℃.
This testing station is to test the liquid oxygen pumps of air separation unit under -183℃.  It is the first ultralow temperature testing station in China.

      Ensure every pump supplied by is fully tested before its ex-works, to prove performance and ensure problem free commissioning on site. All testing stations can do full string testing, performance testing, noise testing, vibration testing, NPSH testing, running testing and other testing deemed as necessary by us are available and applied, also other types of testing are possible if required by customer.

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